Statement on the Passing of Baroness Thatcher


Last week Britain lost one of its finest Prime Ministers and the Conservative Party lost one of its finest leaders. Lady Thatcher was a great champion of freedom, a staunch opponent of socialism, and a true believer in human liberty. At a time of decline, she restored Britain to greatness.

Lady Thatcher will be remembered for her strength of leadership, her courage to stand up for what was right, and her unwavering conviction in conservatism as a force for good. While her passing is an event of great sadness, Lady Thatcher’s legacy will extend far beyond the years she was afforded here. Grief and sorrow are only for a time; freedom, liberty, and courage are eternal.

On behalf of the Camberwell and Peckham Conservative Association I offer my condolences to the family and friends of Lady Thatcher. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those mourning the passing of a truly great Briton.

Simon Fox
Chairman, Camberwell and Peckham Conservative Association