Naomi Newstead Backs Bakerloo Extension

Naomi Newstead spoke at a rally organised by local campaigning group, Peckham And Camberwell Tube (PACT), to call for the Bakerloo Line to be extended to the area.  Naomi used a recent meeting with Boris Johnson to press the case and spoke of the opportunities for jobs and growth as well as relieving congestion.  You can follow Naomi's work on her website:

Conservatives do not think that people should be punished for making their community a successful and attractive place to live and work, nor that hard-working taxpayers should be ignored for living south of the river.  Bringing the Tube to Camberwell and on to Peckham will put us on the map where we belong, will ease commutes and will support businesses as well as vital public services like King's College and Maudsley Hospitals.

Naomi will continue to campaign on this and other local transport priorities, such as the extension of the 63 bus route to Honor Oak Park, but providing good public services and infrastructure is only possible with sound management of Britain's finances.  A vote for Naomi in May is a vote to ensure that we stay on course to eliminate the deficit so that your taxes can be cut and more spent on public works, not repaying government debts.