Thursday is election day and here in Southwark we'll be heading to the polling stations armed with two ballot papers: one for elections to the European Parliament and one for elections to Southwark Council. 

For many months, we've been out and about in Southwark listening to residents tell us about the issues that matter to them. This has meant that in the run up to this week's elections we've been able to campaign on the issues that Southwark residents care about. 

One of these issues concerns the route of the 63 bus. Many residents living around Forest Hill Road told us of their frustration that the 63 bus terminates half a mile short of Honor Oak Park station. That is why we have been actively campaigning to get the 63 route extended to Honor Oak. If elected to Southwark Council, we'll continue to campaign for this vital improvement that will benefit all of us who live locally. 

Another of our policies is to oppose Labour's unneccessary pledge to provide taxpayer-funded gym membership to all Southwark residents. At a projected cost of £6 million, we believe that there are better ways to spend this money. For example, in Southwark £6 million can provide 232 new nurses, 220 new teachers, 298 classroom assistants, 428 nursery places, or the complete removal of parking charges accross the Borough. 

If you live in Southwark you should have received copies of our recent leaflets outlining many of our policies ahead of this week's elections. If you have not received these or if you would like a reminder, open the attachements via the links below.  

Southwark Conservatives stand for fairness, efficiency, and common sense. We hope that on Thursday you'll vote for your local Conservative candidates. 



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